Persuasive design has been used successfully in different fields. For instance, people in the marketing field use persuasive designing to let the clients press buy now. People in the content development field use persuasive design to create emotionally evocative courses. In eLearning, the strategy of persuasive learning can be used to improve the nature of courses. The science of persuasive design is based on the fact that our emotions influence our buying strategies. How then can you use persuasive learning to develop quality courses?

Story telling in the courses

One strategy to use persuasive learning in course development is to incorporate the value of storytelling. A course developer who engages the learners through stories with which they can associate themselves will create a connection with the learners. This will create a sense of immersion and interactivity which are very important in course development. As a course developer, you need to devise short stories that have the ability to engage the learners. These stories should create emotional connections with them. This will motivate them to read the materials.


Why do newspapers and magazines have so many images? It’s simply because the publishers understand the fact that people love reading content with images. Course developers need to understand this fact and use images, videos and other graphic materials to draw the attention of the readers. If this happens, the readers will be able to connect with the content.

Colours and fonts

The first thing that people will notice when they enrol in the course is the font and its colours. Some fonts have the ability to draw the attention of the readers. Others discourage the readers. The same applies to the font colours used. A good example is the blue colour which can be used to calm the learners. Red can be used to excite and motivate the employees. As you develop the courses, take time to understand the science behind every colour and font you use.

Language used

The language you use will influence how persuasive the content will be, so it is important to use a simple language that is easy to understand. The grammar and sentence structure should also be very simple. Avoid the use of jargon which many people will have difficulty understanding. The best way is to use simple language that people can understand clearly.

Design of the courses

The design of the courses will play an important role in determining their success. Sadly, many people use complicated designs in the belief that the targeted group will like it. As a course developer, the best strategy is to devise a very simple design.

Call to action

When used properly, a call to action is one of the best strategies. A call to action is simply a broad way of telling a client to do something. At the end of the course, you can direct the readers to your website where they can get more content.

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