The online learning ecosystem is growing rapidly. In 2014, Josh Bersin noted that the industry had grown by more than 21% to $2.1 billion. This was the biggest rise in the industry to date and is expected to continue growing among SMEs in 2015. As such, it is very important for companies to understand a number of tips which they can use to improve their online training experience. This article will highlight some of the ways through which companies can improve their experience.

Customised learning ecosystems

Employees will always be comfortable when dealing with systems that are customised according to the company’s themes. This is a very important aspect that many LMS providers have done their best to incorporate in their systems. For instance, when they log into the system, the employees want to see the logo of the company, not that of the provider. It is similar to the way that employees prefer to use staff e-mails instead of the general e-mail addresses.

Using the cloud

Companies need to use LMS systems that have incorporated the cloud into their design and development. The alternative strategy is not only very expensive, but it’s also very complicated. To install the cloud, a company requires infrastructure, licensing and human resources. For e-learning purposes, companies should embrace Learning Management Systems (LMS) that have integrated the cloud system. The cloud helps people to securely share, collaborate and communicate in real time.

Mobile-ready content

Innovating their products by ensuring their compatibility with mobile devices is very important in this digital age. Companies need to use LMSs that support viewership across all mobile device (smartphone, phablet and tablet) platforms. The benefit of doing this is that people’s preferences have shifted from desktops to these devices. Therefore, the training content that companies produce should be mobile ready. If the content includes videos, they should be in the format that mobile devices can play. The videos should be short and clear.
Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft has insisted that the world is moving towards a mobile-first and cloud-first phase. Companies that invest in this technology as early as possible will gain the most benefit.

Tailor-made course materials

Another simple idea that businesses can incorporate to boost their online training experience is regarding the content. Content is, and will always remain very important in training. Regardless of the technology used to deliver the courses, if they are not in line with the staff’s specifications, the chances are that they will fail. For instance, people will always prefer course materials that are video-based rather than written materials. Additionally, the courses need to be in line with the key objectives of the training. For example, if the company is training staff members on personal branding, the course developer needs to focus on that particular subject.

Regular evaluation

It is a ‘crime’ for businesses to ignore the role of evaluating the performance of their employees. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are very important because they let the company assess whether the company’s investment is being used in a credible manner. Therefore, it is very important for companies to invest their resources in credible LMS tools that have inbuilt analytical tools.
Companies which are not experiencing growth in the online learning ecosystem need to have a paradigm shift. They need to start changing simple things such as those that have been addressed above. By so doing, they will realise exponential growth in this ecosystem.

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