Training and Development are two integral aspects of all organisations, large or small. Companies that invest in training and developing their staff are more likely to become profitable than their counterparts. Human Resources managers and other senior managers must therefore invest significant resources to train and develop their staff members. They must also allocate these funds in the best and most economical way. One way of effectively allocating these funds is through the internet. The internet is an effective tool to allocate resources to reach many people in the fastest way possible at the right time. Therefore, a good Learning Management System (LMS) is an important tool in which that all companies should invest their funds. One of the best LMS providers is called FrogSense. The following features are important in all LMS platforms.

Custom branding

Companies should be in a good position to personalise their platforms. For instance, a company such as Coca-Cola should have an excellent LMS which is personalised in the company’s own colours and themes. This will make the training materials look professional and fully personalised.

Mobile integration

Many people are today accessing the internet through the mobile phone. In fact, there are many brands of mobile phones currently in the market. Also, the number of people accessing the internet using their desktop computers is very low. Therefore, the LMS platform that is used should support mobile devices such as tablets, phablets and smartphones.

Tracking progress

As a trainer, you want the ability to track the progress of your students. You want to be in a good position to track how the students’ progress easily. The LMS that you are using should therefore be efficient in tracking the progress of the students or employees.

Conversion to SCORM

All courses developed today should be converted to SCORM. SCORM is an important standard used by course developers to ensure that the courses are easily read on multiple devices. If a trainer is not able to convert these courses to all the formats that students want, the fact is that many of them will not be able to access them.

A personalised domain

As a business or any other organisation, you want to access your courses using your own personalised domain name. The LMS that you use should have the capabilities to be set up utilising a bespoke domain name. This is important for easy access and also for branding purposes.


For a small firm with less than 10 employees, the self-registration module might seem unnecessary because the admin can easily configure the settings for all people. However, for large organisations with offices in many countries or locations, self-registration is very important. Staff members can easily create accounts with a click of a button. This is a very important feature as it saves a lot of time.

Marketing systems

The LMS should have an integrated marketing system installed to help course developers market their companies in the easiest way possible. With these features, trainers can easily reach their target audience without the need to procure other solutions.

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