Phases of an eLearning Strategy Development in an Organisation

In corporate management, the process is a very important aspect of any project. When the process is not followed adequately the result will be a systems failure. This happens in all sorts of projects. When a company intends to introduce … Read More

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Advantages of Producing SCORM E-Learning Materials

Producing e-learning materials can be an easy task for the experts, but a very challenging task to those without experience. For many of those new to the process, producing this material is all about using a word processor and devising … Read More

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Understanding Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)

Top Reasons to Invest in an LMS

A Learning Management System (LMS) is simply a software or application for administrating, creating, tracking and reporting electronic learning materials to students or employees. There are many companies offering LMS solutions to clients. Some of these companies target large multinationals … Read More

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Tips for Running a Successful E-Learning Focus Group

Implementing a successful e-learning strategy is not easy, especially for large corporations with hundreds of locations worldwide. It is difficult because of a combination of factors. However, it is without doubt the best strategy for corporations and institutions to train … Read More

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Ideas to Help Companies Improve their Online Training Experience

The online learning ecosystem is growing rapidly. In 2014, Josh Bersin noted that the industry had grown by more than 21% to $2.1 billion. This was the biggest rise in the industry to date and is expected to continue growing … Read More

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Features of the best Learning Management System

Training and Development are two integral aspects of all organisations, large or small. Companies that invest in training and developing their staff are more likely to become profitable than their counterparts. Human Resources managers and other senior managers must therefore … Read More

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Moving From Traditional Training in the Digital Era

Change management is one of the most challenging roles that any manager can undertake. This is simply because many employees are used to the normal operations of the company. As such, they are not appreciative of new strategies and cultures … Read More

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An Ideal Guide to Producing High-Quality Corporate Training Materials

The role of the management in any organization is to increase the wealth of the shareholders. To achieve this, the management must apply the best strategies for staying competitive in the market. Some of the main strategies that businesses must … Read More

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Using Persuasive Learning To Develop Courses

Persuasive design has been used successfully in different fields. For instance, people in the marketing field use persuasive designing to let the clients press buy now. People in the content development field use persuasive design to create emotionally evocative courses. … Read More

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Why you should invest in learner-centred course development

In course development centred on the learner, the employees take full charge of the entire process. It is also known as the bottom-top approach where the role of the management is to devise policies. According to an eLearning expert, David … Read More

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